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Custom Theater and Audio carries a wide variety of high-performance speakers in a variety of different styles capable of meeting your décor, budget and performance needs. Architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are terrific options for distributed audio systems. Bookshelf designs work well in living rooms or studies with cabinetry. On-wall designs match the aesthetic of new wall mounted, flat-panel displays. And floorstanding towers provide the ultimate in performance. Whatever your needs, Custom Theater and Audio will help you choose the right speaker for your system! Select from such prestigious manufacturers as Bose, Definitive Technology, Monitor Audio, Niles, NXG Technologies, and Sonance.



There are a lot of complicated decisions to make when it comes to choosing a new television – screen size, LCD, LED, Plasma, 3D, refresh rate, contrast ratio… All of it can be overwhelming! But Custom Theater and Audio has the expertise to go over each option and ensure that the set you select is the right one for you and your viewing environment! We can also help you choose the ideal screen size for your room, and determine the best way to install your new TV. We are also experts are wall-mounting TVs, and are happy to get your existing set up on the wall for a sleek, modern look without any visible wires! We carry the best, most up-to-date models from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Runco, Sharp, Toshiba and more.



Truly capturing the cinematic experience at home requires a big screen; with bigger-than-life images that draw you into the action. And nothing delivers the big screen experience like a video projector! With a projector you can easily enjoy video images 120-inches or larger in size, bringing the excitement of the movie experience right into your home! A projector also makes your house “the place to be” for big events like Super Bowl and World Series parties, as everyone can easily see the action on screen. Gamers also love the ability to immerse themselves in a giant screen, seeing more of the action than ever before! Modern projectors are smaller, brighter, less expensive and more reliable than models in the past, meaning that they fit into more than just the dark, dedicated media room. Projectors also typically mount to the ceiling, freeing up precious wall space. Custom Theater and Audio proudly sells projectors from JVC, Runco, and Sony.



A screen is the perfect complement for a video projector, and Custom Theater and Audio will help you to select the perfect screen size and material for your new home theater! Different screen materials are available depending on your viewing room; some perfect for rooms that can be totally dark, others for rooms that have a lot of ambient lighting. Selecting the perfect gain can make sure that you get the brightest image for your space. Fixed screens – that mount on the wall like a large picture – are perfect for dedicated rooms, while motorized screens – that lower when needed but disappear when not – are perfect for multi-use rooms like living rooms. Custom Theater and Audio proudly sells Draper, Elite, Stewart and Screen Innovations screens that come in a huge array of sizes and styles perfect for any system!



Do you have a coffee table that is littered with a variety of remotes controls, always fumbling trying to figure out how to get the TV turned on? A table cluttered full of remotes is not only ugly, it’s confusing! And if your system is too complicated for everyone in your home to use, then it won’t be enjoyable. Wouldn’t it be easier to just press a single “Watch TV” button that handled everything for you? Your home will likely have many “sub-systems”; things like lights, HVAC, security and audio/video systems. These may be from different brands from different manufacturers and have control systems of their own. But what ties them all together and makes for a harmonious, easy-to-use experience is a single control system capable of handling everything. Whether you just want to replace the 5 remote controls it takes to operate your TV system or you want to control every aspect of your home from your iPad from anywhere in the world, Custom Theater and Audio offers just the system for you! We proudly feature Control4, URC (Universal Remote Control) and Logitech-Harmony systems to ensure that there is a perfect controller for every job and budget!



It takes several components to make a home theater or audio system work successfully, and Custom Theater and Audio carries the best brands to deliver an amazing experience regardless of your budget! A receiver is likely the centerpiece of your system, and Custom Theater and Audio proudly sells Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, and Sony models all featuring the latest HDMI switching, room correction and surround sound processing! Whether you want a basic 5.1-channel system, or a state of the art 11.2-channel theater, we have a system to handle the job. For housewide music systems, companies like Niles, Sonance, Sonos and Control4 offer the perfect solution. Custom Theater and Audio will walk you through the process, making sure you understand all of the options and that you end up with the components that are right for you.



When you to capture the attention and wow your guests with an amazing movie experience, it takes deep, thundering, awesome bass! And that means a subwoofer. A high performance subwoofer will make any system sound bigger and better. Subwoofers relay the drama in movies; things like dinosaur’s foot stomps, and shotgun blasts, and explosions, and car crashes. Basically all of the exciting parts of the movie are going to be way more impressive with a great sub! Adding additional subwoofers can help create smoother, more even bass response throughout your room, ensuring that every seat experiences the same dynamic experience. Modern subs can deliver great bass from small packages, some measuring less than a foot in any direction! This allows them to be concealed in a room, delivering terrific sound while blending in with your décor. Custom Theater and Audio sells subwoofers from Definitive Technology and Sunfire.

sound bars

Sound Bars

Modern, ultra-thin TVs have a great picture but not such great sound. Trying to put speakers in a bezel-less, 2-inch thick TV cabinet results in sound that is thin, difficult to understand, and often with speakers firing away from the listener and into the wall! For those times when a full surround speaker system isn’t practical – such as a bedroom or study – or even possible – if retrofitting wiring to the rear speakers can’t be done – the soundbar can be the perfect solution! A soundbar is an all-in-one speaker that sits on a shelf or mounts on the wall just below the TV and provides far better sound than the TV speakers can produce. Higher end soundbars come with wireless subwoofers for deep bass sound, and can even provide simulated surround sound, creating a great moving watching experience! Custom Theater and Audio sells a variety of quality soundbars from Boston Acoustics, Bose, Definitive Technology and Yamaha covering a range of budgets and performance needs. We have several models on display in our showroom so you can experience a soundbar in action!

media servers

Media Servers

Playing physical media – Blu-ray, DVD discs or CDs – is the past…the future is streaming digital music and video files! A media server can house thousands of albums and movies on large hard drives and then stream them around your home. This allows you to enjoy your content in any room! With metadata like album art, and artist, album and song info, you can easily browse your library and make smart choices. Media servers also sit on the home’s network, allowing you to browse them from smart phones and tablets! Custom Theater and Audio loves the Sonos music system which supports not only your own music library but also a huge array of cloud based content like Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, and many more. For movie lovers, the Kaleidescape server not only handles your music library but also supports fully uncompressed DVD and Blu-ray playback, allowing you to have any amazing movie watching experience! No more lost or scratched discs, no more hunting for your favorite title, no more waiting for discs to load! We have both systems on display in our showroom, and would be happy to demonstrate or explain their operation!



You hear a strange noise in the middle of the night. Your wife and children are at home alone. You are leaving your house unoccupied for the winter. A security system is about peace of mind, knowing that your home is being monitored and looked-after even when you can’t be there. Beyond protecting doors and windows and your interior with motion detectors, adding a video camera surveillance system and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows you to check in on your house remotely via the Internet and see exactly what is happening. Custom Theater and Audio installs smart security systems from a variety of top manufacturers that can integrate with Control4 automation systems for complete control. We also sell smart door locks that can email you to let you know when someone comes or leaves your home.